Jan Mattson

Narek Aghajanyan

Narek Aghajanyan (f. 1980) är utbildad vid Yerevan State Fine Art Academy (BFA, MFA). Aghajanyan har blivit representerad av bland annat San Lazzaro degli Armeni i Venedig och har haft ett flertal soloutställningar och även medverkat i flertalet grupputställningar runt om i Sverige. Hans senaste soloutställning var på Cornelia Sojdelius i Stockholm.

NA: – “My work deals a lot with natural materials, burlap, different types of jute and other fabrics, bone glue, gesso, coal, earth pigment powders. The operating process with those materials and labor as a meditative occurrence is meant to give a feeling of building up a painting, which leads to the visualisation of the existence of the material. 

The topicality of a work of art can shift the emphasis from the sphere of image to that of literal content. As a matter of fact, we are witnessing quite often such examples in galleries showing mostly contemporary art.  However, to my mind, those written presentations and interpretations, intended to back up the art pieces, become the subject by their own.

Therefore, I prefer to give weight to the nature of the material as a symptom of starting point for new imagination. Instead of burdening the spectator with additional contexts, deliberately, it will emancipate him/her and lets him/her think about their own ideas and feelings. Moreover, my objective is to bypass the viewers’ intellect and rather appeal to their senses. .”

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